Be part of the solution not the pollution!


On Wednesday 8 November over 90 Year 0&1 children fed their inquiry learning by visiting Kelly Tarlton’s.kelly2

They had a whale of a time observing turtles, sharks, stingray, seahorses and of course the highlight – the penguins! We were also treated to an education session where we learnt about the importance of taking care of our sea creatures by not polluting the ocean. The children gained a new understanding of how Kelly Tarlton’s looks after sick creatures, especially turtles and releases them back into the wild.

They also got a glimpse of the Antarctic expeditions by looking at Scott’s hut and memorabilia – the children were even able to test the icy conditions by dipping their hand in icy water!

There were plenty of photo opportunities during our visit including watching the penguin feeding and standing inside the giant jawbone of a shark.

It was wonderful to have such a great amount of parental support. This is really appreciated, particularly at this time of the year.

Everything went off with a splash – no limbs lost, no one eaten alive or accidental swimming! A great day to enhance our learning!


Remember: Be part of the solution not the pollution!

Alex Wood, Y0&1 Team Leader