On Friday 17 August the Year 0, 1 and 2 children had an action packed morning of science. With the day starting with a science taster, they then watched optical illusions and tried to work out why Mrs Lyon was able to sit on a chair of nails without hurting herself! Each year group then had a 45 minute session working with Emily and Alan from ‘Science in a Van’ understanding more about the material world and bubbles! The children were able to grasp the concept that different mixtures do different things. For example they can mix, separate or create a reaction. The children finished the session by seeing different gases behave differently.

Did you know that we can make bubbles sink quickly to the floor, float or fill them with helium and watch them float to the ceiling? Just ask Year 0-2 to explain why?

Thanks to Emily and Alan from Science in a Van for a fabulous morning of learning.

Mrs Wood, Y0-2 Team Leader