The School Board is elected every three years and has a governance role ensuring compliance with Ministry of Education requirements.

In its governance role, the Board acknowledges community issues and responds where appropriate.                                                                                                                                                                            

We hereby declare the following candidates duly elected in 2022:

Selena Armstrong

Grant Gillingham

Kathy Harding

Laura Pateman

Janine Wiles Cosgrove

Staff representative:                                                                                                 

Lizanne Franklin (no election required)                                             

We hereby declare Lizanne Franklin duly elected.


Please contact the school office for the time & date of the next board meeting.

The Current School Board 

The St Heliers School Board

Sean Valvoi - Principal, Grant Gillingham, Kathy Harding, Laura Pateman and Janine Wiles-Cosgrove and one vacant position.

St Heliers School Strategic Plan 2024-2025

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Annual Accounts

St Heliers School Statement of Variance:

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