St Heliers School offers the highest standards of education for primary and intermediate school students.


St Heliers School is a welcoming community that stands for excellence in academic achievement and in all other areas of school life and fosters independent, well-rounded students. The school is a community that is innovative and encouraging, where sound values underpin all school activities.

Our Vision Statement describes the type of school we want St Heliers to be. It is a statement of our collective hopes for the school and gives direction to everything we do.  

We work continuously to provide a learning environment that is safe, caring, happy and supportive, an environment in which every individual is valued, an environment that encourages excellence and celebrates success.  Our school values are at the heart of this environment. Students are encouraged and supported to display the values consistently in everything they do.

We have firm expectations about appropriate behaviour and insist that children know and live up to our Student Expectations..

vision poster

School Values

  • Honesty - Always be truthful.

  • Responsibility - Be trustworthy, reliable, accountable for your own actions, and make sensible choices.

  • Diligence - Be conscientious and hard working.

  • Self-Discipline - Show self-control.

  • Respect - Display manners and courtesy and fairness towards others and value the diversity of cultures in our society.

  • Care - Value and appreciate our environment by caring for our school,  community, planet and future.