St Heliers School is a decile 10 school,  located in the seaside area of St Heliers Bay, one of Auckland's most beautiful, safe, and desirable suburbs.

 Our school is located just 20 minutes from the city centre of Auckland.

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We are a Full Primary School (Years 1 to 8)

We provide continuous education for students from Years 1 to 8 (5 to 13 years old).

International students are well-integrated into the life of the school and are enrolled in mainstream classroom programmes.


Our International students are part of everyday school life and enjoy friendships along the way.

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Excellent Academic Achievement

We stand for excellence in all areas of school life and provide high quality teaching and learning programmes.

Our school is measured against New Zealand Curriculum Levels. The latest available results are for December 2019 and are as follows:


89% of all students are working at or above the New Zealand Curriculum expectation for their age group

93,4% of all students are working at or above the New Zealand Curriculum expectation for their age group

89% of all students are working at or above the New Zealand Curriculum expectation for their age group

Information about New Zealand's Curriculum Levels

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St Heliers School Vision

The School Vision relates to the connection with our community, the vision for our students, the school values, and the school's commitment to cultural diversity, equity, and respect for all cultures.

WhySHSThe buddy relationship is an important part of welcoming international students to our school.

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School Values

The school values of honesty, responsibility, diligence, self-discipline, respect and care are integral to the school curriculum and are very evident in our day-to-day school community.

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Excellent Support for International Students

St Heliers School has been hosting international students since 2006 and has experience in hosting international students from all over the world. 

We have a dedicated team of staff to care for our international students.

An orientation programme on arrival helps students to quickly settle into school life.

 International students receive high quality pastoral care from an experienced, well-qualified specialist team.  

 The social and academic progress of each student is monitored carefully to ensure students are working to their potential and are happy at school and at home.

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ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages)

International students are placed in mainstream classes at their appropriate year level and receive specialised ESOL support,  in small groups, from qualified teachers.

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A specialist ESOL class in our purpose-designed Language Centre.

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Donna2016   For more information email our Manager of International Students - Kate Hawkins - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




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